Cochon Butcher – New Orleans, Louisiana

19 Dec

Follow the sign to a bellyful happiness

Located on a quaint little street lined with abandoned remnants of buildings turned into parking lots, Cochon is a hidden gem that breaths life into an otherwise dreary street block.

Cochon Butcher sits beside it’s server style flagship restaurant, Cochon.  It’s set up with pub tables, bar stool style seats along the walls, and a few sidewalk seating options.  A casual dining experience, perfect for a quick pitstop or for hungry travelers cushioning their tummies for endless New Orleans libations ahead.  Cochon Butcher offers dishes ranging from tapas sized plates to portions that would leave your top pat button begging for mercy.  This place may leave you with some internal struggles.  What carries more clout, your bulging gut or your gluttonous taste buds?


Cochon Butcher libations to tame their hot sauce heat

Luckily, they have a selection of wine, beers, and cocktails to quiet your inhibitions and free yourself to indulge.  After all, who goes to New Orleans to maintain decorum? If you listen closely to the sounds of the rubbing beads, they whisper a resounding “No one”.


Pancetta Mac n Cheese

The Pancetta Mac n Cheese & Hot Boudin were listed under the bar foods items section of the menu.  The mac n cheese was deliciously creamy with a toasted crunchy top.  A perfect comfort dish that is full of flavor and not overly salty.  The Hot Boudin consists of rice, liver, onions, garlic, pork, parsley, and other wonderful seasonings stuffed into a sausage casing and served warm with a dollop of creole mustard and pickles.  A delicious and well executed dish.  Get your “I ❤ sausage” face ready.


Hot Boudin

The sandwiches and sliders were layered with meats, cheeses, and ingredients that added texture and enhanced on another.  Soft bread, generous portions of meat, and perfect ratios of each ingredient make a winning combination.  The mint and cucumbers add a refreshing contrast to the rich fattiness of the pork belly.  The creaminess of the cheese and simple white bread paired well with the saltiness from the tender duck pastrami.  If my mom’s brown bag sandwich was this good, I would have never made it back to the classroom.

Pork Belly on white bread with cucumber, mint, & chili aioli

Duck Pastrami Sliders


Duck Pastrami Sliders

Cookies galore!  Definitely don’t miss out on these delectable goodies with flavors such as snicker doodle, peanut butter and jelly, double chocolate fudge, and so much more.  A great experience from the first bite to the last.  Worth visiting for lunch and dinner as the menu changes.  Cheers to the Butcher.


Sweet swine

930 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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